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Here at Interior Outfitters, we use fabrics and other decorative furnishings to promote luxury and comfort to the highest standard whilst simultaneously being cost-driven.


The colorful, inspiring, and exciting world of fabrics and soft furnishings inspire us to create atmospheres and marry trends with permanence and timelessness and is really what we are about.


We strive to offer each and every one of our clients a realization of their dream and vision for their home or project and are firm believers that there really is no project too small or too big when it comes to passionate decoration.


Styles and trends are ever-changing so we strive to create soft furnishings that look fresh and contemporary to stand the test of time.


It seems like the last 35 years have passed in the blink of an eye. It’s not until you flick through all the photos and client files of the many projects we have been involved with over the years, that you can truly see how far we have come and what we have achieved.


Some 30 years ago, established by British trained Alison Satariano, we started modestly manufacturing soft furnishings & curtains, freelancing for most fabric retailers in Malta providing them with an efficient and high-quality service and at this point, the focus was mostly on residential projects.


With unmatched and highly personal service, the next 20 years were filled with continued collaboration with local fabric suppliers, creating and producing with an ever-increasing passion, beautiful and perfectly expedited projects, and as a result, gradually gaining a wealth of knowledge regarding fabric manufacturing, rails, and upholstery.


This organic growth eventually leads us to an extensive involvement within the contract and commercial industry in Malta. By sourcing, developing, providing and manufacturing fabrics and soft furnishing items to spec (including; upholstery items, curtains, and rails, etc) we have gained a strong reputation for all of the essential criteria that go into a successful contract project; reliability, super budgets and high-grade furnishings with exceptional service.

Over the last 12 years, we have worked to merge our Studio showroom, production team, administration, and installations departments all under one roof which we feel has allowed us to refine and further improve our service. Steered by Alison, we have developed a highly competent, talented, and motivated team in each of these departments.


Our individual expertise is channeled to produce a complete range of products and services ranging from simple machine-made window treatments for rentals on a budget to custom made upholstery and handmade curtains, and even projects as large as a 400 room hotel (for whom we took care of the logistics involved in providing everything required for a 360 room hotel to ensure it is on time and in the budget as well as the custom manufacture of fabrics, furniture, and window treatments.)This allows us to cater to a variety of specialized projects and tastes.

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